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A Truly Unique Whistler HD Souvenir

A Truly Unique Whistler HD Souvenir

Capture the beauty and the essence of your Whistler vacation or ski day on video. Peter Bailey of Epic Mountain Video has mastered the art of skiing with a camera and will capture you, your kids or group in an amazing souvenir film. You must check out Peter's samples to truly appreciate what a wonderful memory this will make!

Peter Bailey is a mountain lover. Like most of us, he came with no idea of how great the potential for life in the mountains is. Upon arriving, he wanted to share this experience but he found shaky video and blurry pictures failed to do justice to the job.

For the last seven years, Peter has been pioneering the art of skiing with a camera. By skiing backwards and weaving around your group, he will capture the epic 3d feeling of the mountains and the happiness on the chairlift for a souvenir that truly does justice to this unique place.

Prices are $150 per hour
$280 half day, up to 5 copies and online version
$495 full day, up to 10 copies

Filming can occur without interrupting the ski day for one second and edits will be backed up online so that when little Jimmy grows up he can watch himself being a kid all those years ago with the family in whistler.

Check out some of Peter's amazing video links to truly appreciate his art:

First 5 people to call and mention whistler4kids get 25% off!






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