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Chasing Boys: Week Two


I was simply in awe. As we biked to the lake after dinner to do a little fishing with raspberry bait - I found myself both in awe that we were so close to our home and yet had never been here before, and also that it was so ridiculously beautiful. The forest with moss and grass and ferns, the sound of the birds, the little trails winding through the quiet, the secret bridges and trails... How have I been missing this? As the boys looked for frogs and fish and all things boys, I reflected about this last year, (years?) where I really have just become comfortable - always going to the same places, walks, parks and lakes. The highway being my main route between the grocery store, the village and the school. I am excited about this new venture... to do something new in Whistler every week with my boys. I am looking forward to the challenge of essentially being a tourist in my own town.

Tonight we ventured to find "Lost" Lake. We have been there a million times but never by riding our bikes from Alpine. Even though I have been here for so long, I felt myself so disorientated. Following the signs on the Valley Trail, I felt like we were going the wrong way the whole time, especially when the trail turned away from gravel and pavement and worked itself into dirt! And extra especially as I was on a cruiser bike! I was so surprised that my boys knew the way through times in bike camps, walks and field trips, it was like they had built in compasses as they patiently waited for me to catch up before pointing the way. They were so confident and assured. And they loved being able to show me the way. It makes me wonder at all the times I teach them, show them, tell them - and now they get a turn. Showing me their worlds, teaching me the things they know. I need to remember this feeling, this knowledge that this is so good and right to give them this opportunity to lead and teach me.

It took over an hour tonight to get there - longer then I thought when we left for a 'quick' bike ride before bed, but there is just something so beautiful and peaceful about Lost Lake that it was literally the cold that finally chased us home and not a desire to leave. I often forget about this little lake - but it is an absolute favorite. The boys made me promise to swim with them when it gets warmer this summer - ahhh... maybe I was secretly happy for the chill tonight!


stace3Anastasia Chomlack is a Whistler local, and mother of two. When she is not traipsing around Whistler with her boys she is busy with her business: Anastasia Photography photographing weddings, lifestyle and families. You can follow Anastasia this summer as she explores new parts of Whistler with her boys.

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