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Chasing Boys: Week Three


We were waiting for the rain. My oldest wanted to go to Bounce but it was so hard to justify with the gorgeous sun we have been having! I promised we'd go the first rainy day, and we got that this week. Turns out I had the same plan as every other family in Whistler! When we pulled up, we could tell right away that it was packed and so I did what I do and I started the manipulation... offering everything I could to not go. How about a movie? Popcorn? Candy store? Slurpees??? Nope. My word is my word; a promise is a promise (hate it when they use your lessons against you!).  My oldest wanted to try and land the back flip. Awesome I thought, my son would be trying to throw a backflip in a room with a hundred kids - this might not go well! And then to make matters worse - the thing I knew that would get me through - the coffee and lavender scone from Purebread across the street was closed! Note to self and tip number one for you.. don't promise Bounce on Saturday to Tuesday!

With a terrible attitude and a couple dirty looks and rolled eyes behind my kids' backs - we entered the chaos.

I knew I had only one choice - embrace it and get over it!
Remembering my commitment this summer to really play with my kids (and due to the fact that there was no coffee in my hand), I joined them on the trampoline. I helped my oldest land that back flip and then I let my boys teach me how to do a front flip where I could actually land on my feet, which I have not tried or achieved since I was 10!

The teaching and flipping led to a dance party, a game of crack the egg, a tickle fight and a ton of laughter. Turns out playing with my kids in Bounce was way more fun then sitting and watching the clock! Who knew?! Watching my kids play crack the egg always makes me laugh, but NOTHING like when you are the egg!

So my tips for Bounce...

  1. Avoid the rainy days when it is crazy busy. That will give you a better chance to have a smaller audience when you try to jump yourself.
  2. Bring water.
  3. For the moms only... wear clothes that are jumping appropriate (and possibly pack a pair of Depends™ and consider a helmet).
  4. Let your kids teach you something. We ALL cheered when I finally landed on my feet.
  5. When jumping into the foam pit, jump close to the edge as it is a little more graceful when climbing out!

And when you leave and you are walking to the car and your oldest boy grabs your hands and looks up at you and says "thanks for jumping mom - i think your front flip was totally awesome", just smile and say thank you. You can cry later at how thankful you are, how awesome they are... how big everyone is getting.... :)


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