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Chasing Boys: Adventures of a Whistler Mom


We moved to Whistler in 2002, I had a two year old and a 5 month old baby.
Whistler had always been a weekend retreat for me, coming to ski with various families who owned weekend places. Then later in life, a place my friends and I would come to experience the village - the food, the pubs and the skiing! When we decided to move here with babies I had NO IDEA what that could look like. I did not even know that people lived here full time, or that there were schools and stores outside of the village.

Luckily and thankfully I was immediately welcomed by a group of women, all with babies in tow, that took pity on my newness in town and my newness of motherhood. They introduced me to all things Whistler baby toddler approved - the mom's groups, the library sing alongs, the drop in at The Core, this coffee shop and that coffee shop, Meadow Park... As our kids grew the list of things to know and be passionate about grew to involve ski school, scoot bikes, the skate park (but only in the mornings when its quiet), the Magic Chair, lakes (but only the ones that were shallow), and water parks. It is the Whistler that I have come to know. It is safe, kid friendly, it is social and it is community. I love every part of the 8 years we have lived here, and I would not want to raise my kids anywhere else.

And yet I find myself today looking and planning for the summer holidays and I find an unfamiliar Whistler. My boys are 8 and 10 years old and the known tried parts of the Whistler we have explored are too young for them, some a little boring, some a little baby. I am not finding myself sitting on a bench with coffee in hand while my kids play at the park and a friend rolls up to chat. Now I find myself in the middle of a trail in the middle of nowhere looking for a map, yelling at my boys to "wait up". I find myself learning to snowboard so they will think I am cool, and I find myself learning to skateboard so I can keep up with them on our "walks", I find myself on a bike really hopeful that there will be no bridges I might have to balance over.

I have questions about how far they can go, how long they can be alone... if I should let them watch a movie in the village theatre by themselves, if they should have a cell phone in case of emergency. Going to sing songs at the library is not working anymore - they are asking me to go bungy jumping, zip trekking, and snowboarding on the glacier when I have just begun to be thrilled the snow stuff can be tucked away. They are no longer tired after a day of the farmers market. It is just the start of the day for them as they ask to go to the lake and yes, even ask me to jump in with them and swim to the dock with them... in glacier freaking freezing water.

I will be honest, I think they were at this place last summer but I ignored it. They got smart this year and they know better.

And so, this summer I am going to have my boys introduce me to the Whistler they know. The bike trails they know, the activities they want to do... and as best as I can without completely embarrassing myself I will document some of this for you. I will try and do something new every week. Because, it's coming you know... the whole 'growing up' thing. And for as long as they want me around I choose to be around. I know too soon they will look at me and tell me they are going with friends and I can drop them off...


stace3Anastasia Chomlack is a Whistler local, and mother of two. When she is not traipsing around Whistler with her boys she is busy with her business: Anastasia Photography photographing weddings, lifestyle and families. You can follow Anastasia this summer as she explores new parts of Whistler with her boys.



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