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We Survived The Sasquatch!

We Survived The Sasquatch!


He pointed out an almost invisible line spanning the two mountains underneath the Peak to Peak Express. "That's what I want to do for my birthday", my 12 year old son exclaimed. "Seriously?", I thought . "People hurtle their tiny little bodies through space way the heck up there?"

Fast forward a month later where Jack and I are signing our lives away to ride the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch, at Ziptrek Ecotours in Whistler is the longest zipline in Canada & the US. It spans the valley between Blackcomb and Whistler over 600 feet above the forest floor and at over 2km in length,  has guests reaching speeds over 100km/hr.

To reach our starting point, we clamoured into a van with friendly guide Nick who quelled our nerves on our drive up Blackcomb Mountain. On our way we saw not one but three bears including a momma with her baby. Worth the price of admission right there!


We stopped near the bottom of Solar Coaster where 2 more guides helped us don our safety harnesses and helmets and then climbed back into the van to head to our launching pad. After a short walk, we were welcomed by amazing views of the valley and the zipline disappearing into the abyss.  As we checked out the take off platform (4 metal steps that ended in mid-air!), I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. Son Jack didn't skip a beat and volunteered us to go first.


1, 2, 3, 4 steps later and we were off. The start was fast but I still managed to grab a movie on my handheld camera. It is a dual line so you can travel in tandem with your partner. Given my son is a tad lighter than I, I whipped by him and got some shots of him and the scenery on the way by.

Once over the initial shock, it was time to enjoy the view. It was a glorious day and we had a wonderful new perspective over Fitzsimmons Creek, the sliding centre and the entire valley. As we landed safely on the other side Jack turned to me with the biggest grin, "Can we do that again?".

So needless to say it was a success for both Mom and son and I'd highly recommend this adventure for the thrill seekers in your family. For those with younger, lighter kids, check out the Bear or Eagle Tour with 5 shorter ziplines each & treetop bridges or the Treetrek Tour (no ziplining required) with 9 treetop bridges. Ziptrek Ecotours operates tours all year round, and in all weather conditions though the Sasquatch Line is closed in the winter.

We did it, you can too!

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