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Anastasia Photography

My objective:
I LOVE taking photos... I always have! 

It is my hope to capture images of your family just the way they are… being you. I try to create a natural, relaxed and joyful atmosphere with my laid back and somewhat quirky personality!! Your session should feel quite simply like we just had coffee together, and I played with your kids!! I capture 'real life'… images that are candid and fun, real and personal. 

The session:
I do not 'do' traditional family portraits; instead I will photograph small combinations of your family moments, keeping the images very close-up and focusing on the connection and interaction between mother & son, brother & sister, etc. If I am completely honest the things I love the best are the "imperfections" of family… a grumpy toddler, dirty feet… that 'real' laugh where you think your mouth looks too big!! ... Messy hair, being cheeky... Having fun!

There is very little agenda or plan, resulting in photos that look natural and unposed. If you've chosen me as your photographer you are looking for something different; images of you & your family that are artful, creative, and a beautiful reflection of the personalities you love that will remain classic images, and fantastic memories for many years. 

To see laughter, to see life, to see love... See beauty!

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Anastasia Chomlack Photography

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