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Britannia Mine Museum

Last century, it was a working mine. It turned out massive amounts of copper and other minerals. Today, it's a National Historic Site and a bustling, award-winning Museum turning out awe-inspiring sights and memorable family experiences.  So much to see and do. Take a trip similar to miners in 1914. Climb aboard our mine train and chug into this early haulage tunnel.   Inside, tour guides describe early mining efforts with actual working drills. Make a point of panning for gold the fun and easy way.  You find it, you keep it!  Be sure to catch Groundbreaking, our feature film that traces Britannia's mining heritage and its successful environmental clean-up. Family fun is a high priority with us, so youngsters can enjoy a break in our giant sand pit or take the helm of our playground boat.  The area is right beside the snack bar with washrooms nearby. To reach the Britannia Mine Museum, head north on the Sea to Sky Highway. Watch for signs mid-way to Whistler.

Why you will love it!

  • Thrill to the stories of life in a bustling mining town that could only be accessed by boat. Pool halls, theatres, shops, Britannia had it all until a deadly landslide. Find out what happened and how the townsfolk came together to build again.

  • Stand in awe in the colossal 1923 gravity fed concentrator mill which has recently been rehabilitated.

  • Pan for real gold and enjoy mining demonstrations, historic displays and hands-on activities for the whole family.

  • Take a photo beside our spectacular 235 tonne 'Super' Haul Truck, then search for gems and treasures in the Company Store.

  • Enjoy special events, concerts and art exhibits all year long. Check the website for dates and times at:

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