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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Program

This program provides support to families who have a child who may have been exposed prenatally to alcohol or who has Complex Developmental Behavioural Condition.

Children with FASD or CDBC do best when their individual strengths are recognized and built upon in a supportive environment adapted to meet their needs.

The role of the Key Worker is to support children, youth and families as well as expand community awareness of FASD and CDBC.

This program offers:

  • Individualized planning that uses a family centered approach.
  • Assistance to families in identifying goals and developing an integrated service plan.
  • Support, information, resources and skill development.
  • A network to link families together.
  • Support group for parents/caregivers.
  • Playgroup for children
  • Youth group (coming soon)

Who is eligible for this program?
Children and youth living in the Sea to Sky cooridor aged birth to 19 years of age who:

  • Could have been exposed to alcohol and or drugs before they were born.
  • Have, or are in the process of getting, a diagnosis of FASD.
  • Demonstrate a complex developmental behavioural condition that significantly affects day to day function for both the child/youth and family

What is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or FASD?
The term used to describe the wide range of effects caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

The child may have physical challenges, but many of the effects are not visible and may include problems with learning, memory, attention, problem solving, behaviour, vision and hearing.

What is Complex Developmental Behaviour Condition or CDBC?The term is used to describe significant difficulties that impact a child's day to day living.

A child's development and learning, adaptive and social skills, behavioural and mental health, could be affected.

For more information, contact Liz Wood

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