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Get Bear Smart Society

The Get Bear Smart Society helps people and bears coexist. Our goal is to keep kids and people safe, while keeping bears wild.

It's important to learn about bears so that we can treat them with respect. Remember, always behave toward a bear the way you would like the bear to behave toward you!

To learn more about bears, go to our website: Or check out our Bear Smart Kids Book. This book will make you smarter than the average bear! This is a wonderfully illustrated colouring and activity book about bears around the world, bear necessities, the life of a bear, crosswords and much more. A fantastic book for kids, parents and teachers.

Another great way to learn about bears is by playing with our Bear Smart Playing Cards! Both the book and the cards are available at some of Whistler's Retail outlets and Visitor Information. Call us to find out where you can buy them.

We carry two versions of Bear Smart playing cards. Both are unique decks of 52 regular playing cards (plus 2 jokers) that you can use to play your favourite card games or create new variations on traditional card games. Ideas for variations on games are included inside.

Play your way through bear country as you learn to live with your ursine neighbours.

Get 52 Tips on Staying Safe in Bear Country while At Home, Hiking, Camping, and all about General Bear Etiquette.

Get Bear Smart Bruin Trivia Game is designed for kids. It is a deck of 52 regular playing cards (plus 2 jokers) that can also be used to play Bruin Trivia. Each card contains a 'question and answer' to help kids learn all about black, grizzly and polar bears.

Get Bear Smart Bruin Trivia Game is a valuable educational tool for kids of all ages. Adults will enjoy the game too! It's great fun for the whole family!

Get Bear Smart playing cards are a valuable educational tool and they make an ideal gift! The cards retail for $10. Wholesale prices are also available for stores and bear aware groups.

Help bears while having fun! Proceeds go towards saving bears' lives.

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