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Girl Guides of Canada

Sparks (ages 5&6), Brownies (ages 7 & 8), Guides (9-12), Pathfinders (12-15) meet Mondays at Myrtle Philip Community Center and Tuesdays in Pemberton. Trex - a program for ages 12-17 meets biweekly on Friday evenings in Whistler.

Girl Guides of Canada is the largest organization for girls and women in Canada, with almost 135,000 Members - over 108,000 girls and over 26,000 adults. Guides Canada welcomes girls 5-17+ years old and women over 18 to be part of the following groups:
• Sparks - 5 and 6
• Brownies - 7 and 8
• Guides - 9 to 11
• Pathfinders -12 to 14
• Senior Branches - 15 to 17+
• Adults - as leaders, mentors, alumni, team members, and more.

Guiding provides opportunities for fun, friendship and adventures. Through our different imaginative and innovative activity choices, girls are encouraged to reach their potential, be independent, confident and caring. We empower them to give leadership and develop their decision-making and life skills. Guiding helps them connect with their community and with the wider world.

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