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Garibaldi Lift Co. (GLC)

Overlooking the base of Whistler mountain, the GLC provides 'relaxed apres excitement'. A sophisticated synthesis of a lounge, restaurant and club, the GLC attracts the Vancouver and Whistler in-crowd, and plays the latest ski and snowboard videos to reggae and ambient house music most evenings. You can also catch some amazing live bands throughout the season.

The GLC's manager describes his menu as 'epicurean hedonism.' With tapas-to-share like the infamous "sex-cheese", gourmet entrees including an amazing Ahi tuna sandwich and signature martinis that are surprisingly affordable, the GLC pleases both the taste-buds and the pocket-book. Yes, you can still get nachos and beer at the GLC, but the guacamole is fresh-made and the beer is imported.

Kids welcome until 8pm

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