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Mantra Living Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Mantra Living strives to assist children and their families to participate in all aspects of their lives as independently as possible by addressing areas of need and building on strengths and abilities using a fun and playful approach.

We use developmentally appropriate, evidence based strategies for all kids. We know that early intervention for children facing challenges both big and small has been proven to impact future success, so we work hard to enable growing minds and growing bodies.

Occupational therapists help kids to participate in their everyday life activities and community. For kids this means play, looking after themselves, and participating at preschool and in the community. We help them to participate and be as independent as possible by exploring how they move, how they learn, and how they experience and make sense of the world around them. By working in partnership with families and caregivers we help to determine their abilities and how to build on them, how to adapt or change the task and what can be changed in the environment to promote success and increase their independence.

Please check our website for more information and on upcoming classes.

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