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Parent Infant Drop-In

This informal drop-in for parents with young, pre-walking infants is held Thursdays from 11:00 am-12:30 pm in the Burrow, at Whistler Public Library. The program provides the opportunity for new parents to form social bonds with their peers, and gain knowledge about child rearing.

Guest speakers are featured twice monthly, and provide information on such topics as dental care, baby sign language, physical development, nutrition, food safety and much, much more.

Our Parent Infant Coordinator, Libby McKeever, works with Sonja Prevost, a Public Health Nurse from Vancouver Coastal Health to coordinate the sessions. The nurses are available to answer any questions parents may have concerning baby care. As well our Outreach Workers help bring in relevent speakers to the group.  Often times the parents will go out for lunch after the drop-in or arrange to meet midweek for a walk.

Feel free to join the group!

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