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Spring Creek Community School

  • Address: 1509 Spring Creek Drive
  • Phone: 604-935-3822
  • Ages: Kindergarten - Grade 7

The school logo depicts the strong community commitment and symbolizes the coming together of the English and French cultures. The school mission statement is representative of the staff commitment to increasing student learning and success. "Spring Creek Community School strives to provide a safe, caring and positive learning environment that accepts diversity, promotes academic success and encourages social responsibility of all citizens." This school is fortunate to have strong parental and community support for school resources and programs. The Parent Advisory Council is visible in the school on a daily basis and works with the staff to provide many extras for students.

A school wide Effective Behavior System that reflects the school's core values of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty is central to the school's success. Defining, modeling and recognizing a common set of expectations has enabled the school to establish safe, positive and consistent routines. Weekly Gifts of Character focus on socially responsible behaviour. School growth goals include increasing student literacy in reading and written language and increasing student social responsibility skills. Second Step, TABS, Friends, Fin's Friends, and Roots of Empathy are programs that we use to raise social and emotional competence, increase empathy and develop problem-solving strategies.

Students and staff at Spring Creek Community School feel fortunate to have a wonderful school facility that includes a double gym, multi-purpose room, library, kitchens and up-to-date computer lab. Community support for our computer lab and library have come from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, the Whistler Realtor's Festival of Lights, and the Used Book Sale.

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