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WAG: Whistler Animals Galore

WAG is a great place to have quiet time visiting kittens, play with puppies when they are in house.

From Whistler to Lillooet, WAG offers hope to all animals in need. Through veterinary care, spaying and neutering, diverse social experiences, attentive training, exercise and mental stimulation, volunteers and staff provide a high quality of life for the animals.

WAG dogs spend their days walking, playing, training, and lounging outside of their kennels. WAG cats enjoy the perches, scratching posts, cubby holes and windows of the common cat room. Animals are tended by WAG staff and volunteers who have a huge impact on the lives of WAG animals.

WAG is a resource for the Whistler region providing community education and advocacy. Wag provides community programs including a lost & found service, spay and neuter services. WAG provides leadership for responsible pet ownership through educational programs in schools and in the community.

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