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Whistler Arts Council

At the Whistler Arts Council (WAC) we're a passionate bunch - passionate about Whistler, about arts, and about making arts and culture an integral part of day-to-day life. The magic happens at the Maury Young Arts Centre, right in the heart of Whistler Village, from which WAC run a variety of creative classes, showcase a lineup of exciting live shows for the Performance Series, and host year-round free admission exhibits in The Gallery. Annual events include the Whistler Children's Festival, Whistler Street Entertainment, Bizarre Bazaar, ArtWalk and Art Workshops on the Lake (phew, that's a lot of art!)

Creative classes for kids
At WAC we believe that every child has the potential to be a creative genius, and have dedicated classes to nurture them from messy mini-makers to Einsteins of the art world. The word 'classes' may bring back shuddering memories of math tests and textbooks, but WAC like to do things differently: think camps; scrapbooking; putting on shows; playing with innovative art materials; designing skateboards and much more. Think freedom, not rules; think self-expression, not discipline; think of all the mess, and leave the cleaning up to us!

Whistler Children's Festival
Now approaching its 33rd year, the Whistler Children's Festival is the only-child focused summer festival in the region, so this much-anticipated event is a sparkling jewel in WAC's hand-crafted paper crown. With workshops, entertainers, rovers, activities, artists, performers and plenty to do, Whistler Children's Festival exposes children to the world of art from a young age - an experience that could spark a lifetime love of arts and culture. It's hugely important that WACs offer these opportunities to children, after all, a spark could turn into a flame*, and it's this burning passion for arts and culture that kids will carry forward through years to come. The 2016 Whistler Children's Festival runs from runs from July 8th-10th so be sure to save the date.

Performance Series
The Performance Series features a yearly lineup of live performances in the theatre at Maury Young Arts Centre. Comedy sketches, live music, theatrical performances, film screenings and family shows take centre stage, creating the perfect opportunity for a fun-packed evening out with the kids.

Something for the parents too
It's clear that WAC love children, but we cater for the grown-ups too. Check out for WAC's extensive list of ever-changing creative classes for adults. Book a babysitter and reconnect with your creative side whilst laughing, socialising, and having a well-earned drink.

*Safety note - all flames are metaphorical and child-friendly

For more information, visit, and follow @artswhistler on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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