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Whistler Children's Centre

The Whistler Children's Centre is a non-profit Early Childhood Care and Education Centre offering child care programs to local children ages 3 months to 6 years.

The Whistler Children's Centre provides an inclusive learning environment where children are provided with an atmosphere that makes them feel welcome and accepted. Children are viewed as competent individuals with their own ideas and interests. We believe that children have a desire to grow and learn and explore and construct knowledge about the world around them.

We embrace the emergent curriculum approach to Early Childhood Education and our programs reflect the unique skills, interests and experiences of the children, teachers, and families. The curriculum builds on the interests and natural learning styles of the children. Children learn in warm nurturing environments that provide positive, "hands on" learning experiences. Children share their interests working collaboratively on projects that promote the development of the skills children need for later school and life success.

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