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Whistler Sea Wolves Swim Club

The Whistler Sea Wolves Swim Club is a club for kids and teens, organized by parents, staffed with capable and experienced coaches. The mission of the club is to provide children with a means to develop and improve skills and strokes so they can enjoy swimming as a life long recreational fitness activity, and for those who wish, to provide an open avenue into and actively train for formal competitive swimming, all in an environment of fun, friendship, and team spirit. 

The Whistler Swim Club, (a non-profit club), is open to school age children (ages 6 to 18), who are able to swim 1 length of the pool using a reasonable stroke. The club is not a learn to swim program, but will rather augment and provide a place to go from programs such as Aquaquest and other learn to swim classes. 

The club will cater to a broad spectrum of swimmer goals and needs. For the recreational swimmer, that is, those who like to swim but may not wish to enter formal competitions, they will be able to improve their strokes and endurance, as well as learn new strokes. The club can now offer an open and readily accessible path to competitions in the Swim BC (FINA) series for those swimmers who want to compete and can attain the required age group standards. 

This club will support the philosophy and direction of Swim BC and will operate under the general philosophy and principles of a Long-Term Athlete's Development Strategy.

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